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Electronic Circuit
Welcome to Sugiura Lab.

Nobuaki Sugiura
received the B.E Degree in Electrical Engineering from Nagoya Institute of Technology, and M.E and D.E Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Nagoya University, in 1979, 1981 , and 1996, respectively. He joined NTT Electrical Communication Laboratories in 1981. He had been mainely engaged in reseach and evaluation on siganal transmitting capability in a rack system and packaging for communication switching systems. He joined Aichi University of Technology as an associated professor in 2001, and professor in 2005.
Research Thema

Effects of constructions of power-and-ground layer for current distribution in the printed board.
Dinamic characteristics of a fuse for over direct current
Effects of noises on the DC voltage of a device IC to the signal output
The effect of the electromagetic noise to the signal on the transmitting wire
Intelligent fan cooling system following the thermal change
Air flow loss and noise related with the aperture wall in the air duct under fan cooling